Telepathy is the universal language and the way that all animals speak to each other. We all know it. Our intuitive powers are so strong that it doesn’t limit us with boundaries of place and time. There has been a lot of research done so far in the field of animal communication.  Animal telepathy is mind to mind communication.

Animal communication can be useful in many ways such as -

1. Understanding our pet better. After all they are our family members. It's always good to be connected to them to understand their thoughts about us, their general well-being and any behavior or emotional issues etc.
2. Understanding your stray friends better. In case if any of them have a behavior and /or emotional issues.
3. Connecting to a lost pet/stray friend who has already crossed the rainbow. It helps you in getting the closure after you meet your beloved 'friend' again with the help of the communicator.
4. Finding out about the lost animals.
5. Finding out about the animals found by us who may be lost or abandoned.

Our co-founder Radhika is a certified animal communicator from Earthwise (India.)       So in case if any of you, pet parents, or your friends who work for animal welfare cause or have pets /stray friends (it can be any species.. dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, turtle, rabbit, guinea pig, cattle etc) need help in communicating /connecting with them let her know.
She would definitely be happy to be a mediator for it. She says, animal communication works like wonders sometime. She offers this service at a nominal charge and the motive behind this effort and service is to help the stray animals for their adoptions, treatments, sterilizations and vaccinations.

If you are looking forward to avail this service kindly fill the form and she will get back to you.